Hi! I'm Ashley and I like telling stories. Photography is my outlet for storytelling. 


The way he looks at her. The way she touches him. Her hand on his arm. His lips brush her forehead. They embrace. This is love.

She doesn't know if she can do it. Her nerves buzz as she slips on the only thing she has ever felt sexy in. Her hair done. Her make-up complete. She steps into the room, takes a breath, and thinks of him. This is for him. This is for her. This is boudoir.

Her glow is infectious. She rests her hand on her stomach as she feels her child shift within. He rests his hand upon hers and kisses her forehead. This is pregnancy.

He stirs in his sleep, new to this place. His parents gaze upon this new, yet familiar face and are overtaken by the power of the love they feel for him. This is parenthood.

Every session is a story, every story a narrative...


Here's a little of mine!


I'm a wife and mother and have a career helping the hard of hearing thrive. I have 1 dog, 1 turtle, and 1 lizard and like one million plants, because I like being surrounded by nature! And despite my very best efforts, I am thoroughly Target obsessed/addicted. I love travel ( just not the planning), I enjoy cooking (just not the planning), and I enjoy home design (just not the planning)...#curseoftheperfectionist


I'm 32 and  I don't take care of my skin. I eat too many carbs. My pores are too large and my eyebrows too thin. I have a double chin and only just started taking care of my skin! My hair isn't nearly as thick as it used to be so I bought fake hair...


Despite all of this truth...here's some more.

I'm a creative writer. I'm good at building authentic connections with people quickly. I love my cheekbones. I like how my eyes look brown indoors, but are golden green in the sun. I laugh...like...all the time. I've also been told that I in turn am funny as well. I refuse to conform but try to be trendy...not the easiest thing!

As an artist:

People often ask me what my style is...my response is simple. My style is authentic. More than any editing trend, or any one brand of the hottest new equipment or software, my style and editing is authentic. Light and airy, bold and colorful, dark and moody; our time together will guide how I shoot and how I edit. No one click edits, no editing fads. Just simple, timeless, and unique galleries.

I'm Ashley a Phoenix wedding photographer available for travel, and I like telling stories! Let's create the best one ever told...

Contact me

Tel: 916.532.2747

Email: info@ashleyhaxbyphotography.com


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